OSHA's Top 10 Most Cited Violations

1. Scaffolding TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 9,012

  This standard covers general safety requirements for scaffolding. Employers are bound to protect construction workers from falls and falling objects while working on or near scaffolding at heights of 10 feet or more.

2. Hazard Communication TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 6,704

  This standard addresses chemical hazards, both those produced in the workplace and imported into the workplace. It also governs hazard communication to workers.

3. Fall Protection TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 6,378

  This standard outlines where fall protection is required, which systems are appropriate for given situations, the proper construction and installation of safety systems, and the proper supervision of employees to prevent falls. It is intended to protect construction personnel working above 6 feet.

4. Respiratory Protection TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 4,332

  This standard directs employers in establishing or maintaining a respiratory protection program. The standard lists requirements for program administration; worksite-specific procedures; respirator selection; employee training; fit testing; medical evaluation; respirator use; and respirator cleaning, maintenance and repair.

5. Lockout/Tagout TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 3,659

  This standard outlines minimum performance requirements for controlling hazardous energy during machinery maintenance. This standard requires that lockout be used for equipment designed with such capability. Lockout/Tagout procedures should be followed during maintenance or repair operations to ensure power sources are locked in the "off" position and clearly marked with a tag so other workers do not turn on a machine by accident. The standard also contains criteria for establishing a lockout/tagout program.

6. Powered Industrial Trucks TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 3,080

  This standard covers the design, maintenance and operation of powered industrial trucks.

7. Electrical - Wiring TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 3,080

  This standard covers the grounding of electrical equipment, wiring and insulation. It includes temporary wiring and splicing and equipment such as flexible cords and cables.

8. Machine Guarding TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 2,749

  This standard covers general safety requirements for the use of machine guards.

9. Ladders TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 2,329

  This standard covers general safety requirements for all ladders.

10. Electrical - General Requirements TOTAL VIOLATIONS: 2,178

  This standard covers general safety requirements for designed electrical systems.
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